Companies and organizations are no longer debating whether to move toward sustainable
practices.  The challenge is HOW to move in this direction, AND keep the business running.
Today, it is essential to collaborate in ways different than perhaps you
have done before, to consider as partners entities you may have thought
to be irrelevant to your business, or who may be a competitor.  Some
companies are further ahead than others, and are sharing their
successes publicly and for others’ to replicate.  Professional associations,
governmental agencies, and transorganizational collaboration and
sustainabililty networks are also flourishing and creating online resources,
success stories and invitations to engage.
Recent research 
suggests that diversity
in the workplace not
only helps companies
keep in touch with their
customers but also adds to the creativity of ideas and
attitudes.  In a recent Herring study of 250
companies, with every increase in levels of  diversity,
there was a correlation in improvement on traditional
measures of business success.  Sometimes just
having a diverse workforce changes the way groups
work and act; catalyzing new thinking.  Solution Navigators can stimulate inventive
thinking via eclectic - the selection of what seems best of various theories, concepts
or ideas rather than a single doctrine - knowledge and appreciative inquiry.
In February, 2010, Walmart
Canada hosted a summit on
sustainability.  For insight into
the discussion of the business
case for going green, click here
Now the Sustainability
Consortium has kicked off a
public resource for estimating
the sustainability of products
and services:
Resources to Share
For a solid review of the history
of climate change and the
carbon relationship that’s not too
technical, SolNav recommends
Richard Alley’s 2009 AGU talk,
“The Biggest Control Knob.”