“Plans are useless.  Planning is indespensible.”
                                          - Dwight D. Eisenhower
In the not-for-profit world, the mission is everything. 
Resources - people and money - are always scarce.  There is
the constant imperative for knowing what you are and the
strengths you can parlay to accomplish your vision.
Solution Navigators can help you develop your strategic
thinking about your enterprise, leverage your resources,
evaluate your program effectiveness, and assess your
partnering opportunities.
For Government
Focus on the Mission:
Solution Navigators
restored a state funded
learning technology agency
service credibility and
reputation via partnering
with a  supportive tech
services company.  It then
provided basic State-
advisory services and
needed critical technology
services were provided
schools that were
fundamental to their ability
to provide office and
classroom connectivity.
Choosing the right partner
was key, as resources were
limited.  Important too, was
developing the right
products to re-establish
Agency expertise, and
leverage future capabilities.