Foresight and Focus
Limits are real, in capital, energy, materials, people,
bandwidth, and mindshare.  Visions can be real too, and are
fulfilled by igniting the energies, talents, and connections of
the men and women in your organizations.
We help you chart and navigate your best course. 
New Teams
Old paradigms of business
structure often fall short.
To meet today’s challenges,
collaborative, co-creative,
cyclic opportunities and
processes that truly engage
employees are essential. 
Successful initiatives
extend far beyond company
boundaries, and engage
suppliers, customers,
investors, regulatory and
non-governmental (NGO)
organizations as well.
Global connection,
authenticity, transparency,
openness about conflicts of
interest, willingness to
learn from others, and
inquiry - action - inquiry
become 21st Century
requirements for success.
Knowing what you are, where you are going,  who
your customers are, and identifying their evolving needs are keys
to continued profitability and vitality.  In turbulent times, an
independent beacon can often provide much needed clarity.